I Zombie

A skinny but well-muscled arm reached itself over the edge of the cliff, arms burning with the effort in their mind a voice screamed don’t let go if you do, we are done for.
pulled themselves self-back up over the edge scraping knee and torso flipping over and looking up at the sky breathing out heavily on some level aware of the moaning and noise that came floating from behind their head and the fence. Putting weight on to one elbow they looked behind and saw that the rusted fence had a groaner trapped in it the thing was reaching for them as if it wanted was some sort of sweet treat or a packet of some confectionary stuck in a vending machine.

Taking a breath and looking around for some sort of weapon to use against the thing, close by was a shed after gathering their wits and standing wincing at the pain emanating from the scraped knee looking back over one bloodied shoulder, the thing had attracted more towards it, with a groan the fence started to buckle not much time the thoughts came out with a sharp exhale. unslinging the backpack from there back and using it as a battering ram to get into the shed.

The door gave way suddenly plummeting the figure into the dark musty smelling building rummaging round they found a candle stub and lighter hands shaking the flame from the lighter then guttering candle illuminated the shed they looked round an army surplus poncho flapping around skinny limbs as the wind blew in through the door.

Looking around and spotting an axe and a shotgun in one corner slugging the gun over one shoulder the also spotted a bat looking round for materials that could be used to barricade the shed door with they saw a few planks and started to wedge these against the door breathing heavily resting there pack and driving stakes they found into the floor to further reinforce the barricade.
There was a sound of rending metal as the fence gave way under the onslaught of the undead bodies there was a groan slowly getting closer there was also a scraping sound seeing a knothole in one of the planks of the shed and put their eye to the whole and could slowly see the dead body dragging itself over the ground looking up they could see a horde of walking rotten flesh shuffling toward the cabin.

A flash of memory blurred in front of their eyes they were running through a field with their parents screaming that they needed to run for their life they ran like hell hounds were chasing them then suddenly they came too there was scratching noise coming from all around them they looked up for some sort of light the shed seemed very stable but it didn’t allow them to be relaxed they were on their own and there was no one else was there to help them they curled into a small ball waiting for the rotters to pass by hoping that they would lose interest in the living breathing human inside they had an image of the dead peeling away the walls and biting into their body just like some sort of gory confectionary with a prize inside.

The sun had set about an hour before there was still a faint glow over the distant hills they fell asleep as their body took over as the Adaline drained from their body at some point in the night the rotter’s lost all interest in the occupant of the shed and wandered off.
The noise slowly died away. Their form lay curled in the corner sweat dripping from their brow a fever burning a road to nightmares through their dreams a biter was following close on their heals every time they turned their head to look over one shoulder they saw it getting closer just as it closed the gap a scream interrupted their fever slumber waking and looking round the scream came again followed by another sound sitting back they released it was just an owl screeching in the distance.

Reaching under their poncho they pulled out a rucksack rifling through its contents they found a tin opener and a can of beans with a folk opening the can and eating the food, looking round to see if there were any more rotter’s close by none were close to the shed opening the door looking round to try and find if there were any of the undead ready to come charging at the shed not noticing any, they closed the shed door and repacked their bag adding the shotgun and hefting the axe over a shoulder. Opening the door they looked round not seeing any of the shuffling corpses nearby, standing and grabbing their pack and the axe the sun was starting to rise in the distance walking out of the cabin they looked round to see if there was anything nearby that may be helpful that hadn’t been evident the night before.

There was a small truck in the distance the kind with a flatbed slowly moving towards the vehicle they lifted one arm checking for any injuries. Trying the door of the pickup the handle gave and the door creaked open loudly looking round afraid the sound would attract any nearby monsters they got into the cab pulling their pack in with them looking around for keys and finally finding them under the sun visor.

So far so good they thought now will this beast start putting the keys in the ignition and hoping to some higher power they turned the key and the engine gave a cough then sprang to life.
Thank you, whichever higher power that’s up there looking after me.
Pressing down on the accelerator the truck jerked forward and finally smoothed out they turned the vehicle thanking whoever for the invention of power steering they rode off with the sun rising behind them a shuffling corpse shuffled close to the road reaching out to the passing truck.
Looking over their shoulder through the rearview mirror they saw the corpse shuffling after them with one arm outstretched as if it was hailing a bus from a bus stop.